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For [Charvi Shetty's] senior design project in bioengineering, she built a device for asthma patients.

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The Entrepreneur's Retreat

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She may just be 23, but Charvi Shetty found herself in the big leagues of venture capital early this year...


"...A big part of the problem is that kids have a hard time communicating how they’re feeling."

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Childhood asthma can be a traumatic battle for many kids, but now a Bay Area startup believes it has a way...


Imagine your chest tightening as you struggle for for breath. There’s no cure for it, and it will most likely be a hindrance to your day-to-day life.

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Revolutionizing the Spirometer


In 2014, Charvi  founded KNOX medical diagnostics. KNOX has developed a revolutionary cloud-connected portable spirometer for asthmatic children.


Knox is bringing hospital level asthma management technology to families at home...


The combination of smart phone technology and cloud storage is rapidly bringing once expensive...

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When a child with asthma goes to the doctor, he or she can breathe into a device that tests lung strength.


By taking a common asthma testing tool out of the hospital, this San Francisco-based company wants to break down medical barriers and help kids breathe better.


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KNOX Diagnostics


Charvi Shetty, who has a B.S. in bioengineering from Berkeley and an M.S. in biomedical imaging from UCSF...

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Devices: Portable spirometer


Charvi Shetty’s (B.S.’12 BioE, M.S. ’13 UCSF biomedical imaging) efforts to build a better asthma monitoring tool recently became personal.

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Knox was relentless about understanding whether their device was a business or whether it was technology in search of a market.