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Part Science,
Part Adventure

The digital Aluna spirometer empowers kids to track their asthma symptoms and self-manage their health through gameplay.

Our portable device measures important spirometry data, such as FEV1, as accurately as a clinician-guided spirometer.

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Your child builds healthy habits, while having fun, thanks to certain features such as:

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Lung Health

Instantly capture FEV1 scores for immediate lung health insights. Each score is kept within the history panel, so you can detect recurring patterns in your kid's day-to-day health.

Real-Time Lung Health

Symptom and
Medication Tracker

Before blasting off, kids are prompted to record any medication they've taken, as well as the severity of asthma-related symptoms they've experienced within the last 24 hours.

When asthma is triggered throughout the day, kids can quickly log their symptoms using the journal feature.

SYmptom and Medication Tracker

A Breath-Powered
Blast Off!

To actually lift their rocket off of the ground, kids need to powerfully exhale - like they would at their doctor's office for a spirometry test.

A Breath-Powered Blast Off!


Beat levels to collect colorful gems. Trade them in for kooky ship parts that mix-and-match to make the ultimate spaceship!

Customizable Ships

Additional Features

6 Unique Worlds

6 Unique Worlds

Export Data History

Export Data History

Alerts per Test Result

Alerts per Test Result

Real-Time Data for Doctors

Peace of Mind For
Parents, Real-Time
Data for Doctors

Aluna isn't just for kids. It's for their guardians and healthcare providers. As a parent, you get a clear overview of spirometry results at your finger tips with the capability to export data directly to a healthcare provider.

Helping track your child's asthma symptoms and communicate with their specialist has never been easier!

Device Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 90.3mm x 43mm x 115.5mm

  • Weight: 95g

  • System Requirements: iOS 12 and up

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth low energy (4.0 or higher)

  • Power Source: 1 Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery; Micro USB

  • Battery Life: Recommended weekly charging

Device Tech Specs