Made with you in mind

Aluna gives you immediate access to your health information, when you need it most. Together with our companion app, your smart device helps you safely collect important information about your lung health.



Instant Health Feedback

Quickly measure important lung health data as part of your daily routine. Aluna has been clinically shown to measure important spirometry data, such as FEV1, as accurately as a clinician guided hospital spirometer. Collect measurements daily at home in under a minute instead of only at quarterly clinic visits.



Together in the asthma journey

Put the daily measurements to work in helping you understand and manage asthma. Aluna puts all of your results, notes, and events at your fingertips allowing you to monitor trends and share your insights with care providers on your schedule.



Designed for children with chronic asthma

Easy ergonomics, simple controls, and integrated parent/child testing, Aluna teaches and keeps kids engaged and providing valuable, regular spirometry data. Designed to capture proper spirometry
while rewarding our junior ‘captains’ for their good efforts, Aluna captures results and builds healthy habits, regardless of health status.


Your Child, in the Pilot Seat

Blast off into the adventure of space exploration and, together, you and your child will pilot to a healthier future.


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