Breakthroughs in Monitoring Asthma

Breakthroughs in asthma control include advancements both in treatment and in technology. 

Asthma is not a new condition, but modern methods of treating and managing asthma have made living with the condition easier. Breakthroughs in asthma control include advancements both in treatment and in technology. 

How Can Technology Help with Asthma Control?

Firstly, technology helps in the hospital. Think about the modern technological advancements that have made your doctor’s treatments so much quicker and simpler than they would have been a hundred years ago. Your doctor can perform tests, obtain results, send you the results, and equip you with the correct medication, all with the aid of modern technology.

Additionally, modern technology can help you personally. The smartphone era has brought with it numerous apps and programs to make your life easier, even in the world of asthma.

Certain technological programs allow you to take lung tests or spirometry exams at home, decreasing the number of necessary doctor’s visits you have to make. Monitoring your lung function with a portable spirometer helps you control your asthma and improve your quality of life.

Monitoring Lung Function with a Portable Spirometer

A spirometer is an asthma control tool that you blow into. It records how much air you can exhale from your lungs as well as how quickly you can exhale it. This helps track your breathing habits and any potential problems that might be developing.

Modern technology has introduced portable spirometers (either alone or paired with a smartphone) that can be used at home. This places the power of asthma control in the patient’s hands, rather than leaving the testing responsibility entirely to the doctor. 

Whether performed at the doctor or at home, testing your lungs with a spirometer is an important step in the asthma control process as it can alert you to and protect you from possible dangers.

Best Technology for the Management of Asthma

Aluna is an innovative, scientifically-accurate, and portable spirometry exam and asthma management platform. It monitors lung function scores. With the companion smartphone app,  the Aluna device safely and accurately collects important spirometry data, measuring lung health. With Aluna, measurements can be collected daily, at home or on-the-go. 

This regular testing of lung function helps both doctors and patients to more closely monitor respiratory health over time and create better, more informed treatment plans. Proper usage of Aluna will result in better control of asthma.

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