Are There Links between ADHD and Asthma?

Did you know that if you or your child suffer from either ADHD or asthma, studies show that you may be more likely to develop the other illness than a person who does not suffer from either? 

Did you know that if you or your child suffer from either ADHD or asthma, studies show that you may be more likely to develop the other illness than a person who does not suffer from either? Let’s take a closer look.

What is the Connection Between ADHD and Asthma?

According to a study by The Lancet Psychiatry, ADHD and asthma share some interesting links. Although there are no obvious causes or correlations between the two, over 16% of ADHD sufferers also have asthma, while only 11.5% of non-ADHD sufferers have asthma.

According to Dr. Jocelyn Yu Pan, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist and the director of Appletree Psychological Services.

"The association between ADHD and asthma is quite complicated. Children who have asthma seem to have a higher chance of developing ADHD. However, asthma medication may not improve ADHD. In fact, it is observed in the clinic that some children experience their attention problems getting worse when they are taking asthma medication." 

Adding to that, the Lancet Psychiatry also states that almost 9% of asthmatics also have ADHD, while only 5.6% of non-asthmatics have ADHD.

While there is a definite link between the two chronic illnesses, the Lancet Psychiatry cannot give a clear reason as to why. Their study suggests that it could be due to breathing patterns during sleep or raised anxiety. In an effort to discover the "why,", the study continues until answers can be found.

Taking Care of Chronic Illnesses

Whether you or your child suffer from asthma, ADHD, or both, it is important to take proper care of your chronic illness. Although the very term “chronic” implies an inability to eliminate the illness, you can still maintain it to make your life a little easier.

How can you manage ADHD or asthma? In many ways, the approach is similar. 

Taking Care of ADHD and Asthma

Some of the more important steps you can take in managing ADHD also apply to asthma.


Living a healthy life is a great way to manage ADHD and asthma. Control what you can by eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, exercising, and enjoying some quiet time.


Since ADHD is an attention disorder, you can help train your attention by establishing routines and simple schedules. 

You can also develop daily routines for managing asthma, such as logging triggers in your Asthma Action Plan.


Do your best to keep personal belongings clean and organized. A tidy atmosphere increases focus.

Cleanliness also reduces the number of environmental triggers that might be causing asthma issues.

Proper medication

Of course, the best thing you or your child can do for ADHD or asthma is to consult with a doctor about the proper medication.

How Can Aluna Help?

Aluna is an innovative, scientifically-accurate, and portable spirometry exam and asthma management platform paired with a mobile game kids love. Developed by three asthmatic UC Berkeley grads with guidance from the world’s leading pediatric pulmonologists, Aluna seeks to shed light on childhood asthma by providing better data for doctors and parents while coaching kids to develop good asthma management habits. 

This regular testing of lung function helps both doctors and patients to more closely monitor respiratory health over time and create better, more informed treatment plans. Proper usage of Aluna will result in better control of asthma.

If your child lives in California and has been diagnosed with asthma, sign up for our newsletter and be first to know when Aluna is available. Stop worrying between appointments and help your child manage their asthma using Aluna. 

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