The Team


Charvi Shetty


Huyson Lam


Indy Jutla


jeff Zalewski


Finn Seybold


Our Story

My two cofounders and I are passionate about Aluna because we suffer from asthma and met at UC Berkeley, during our undergraduate years. Huyson and Inderjit suffered from asthma as children, and Charvi had discovered that she had asthma during the early development.

A bioengineer from UC Berkeley and UCSF, and formerly an algorithm engineer at Genentech, Charvi brings a passion of solving unmet medical needs. Huyson leads software engineering and brings his expertise in enterprise level software development and architecture. Inderjit is passionate about every level of abstraction related to technology; starting from quantum physics, materials processing, and transistor design, all the way to high level programming languages and algorithms. He brings his background in data science from Equifax towards his work with Aluna.

- Charvi Shetty