Helping Kids
Manage Asthma

Measuring lung health
anytime, anywhere

Aluna Aluna


Empower your child to take control of their asthma

Real-Time Data

Instant access to lung function scores

Peace of Mind

Know they're taking the right amount of medication

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A Powerful Asthma Monitoring Platform

With Aluna, children track all of their symptoms, triggers and lung function scores in one convenient location that's easily accessible for your review.

Using hospital-grade technology, you can make better decisions about your child's health based on real data that's unique to them and stop guessing between appointments.

Empowering Families
with Asthmatic Kids

Aluna Aluna

Simplify the Conversation with Doctors

Simplifying the
Conversation with

Sometimes kids aren't sure how to express the symptoms they're experiencing and parents often find themselves scrambling to remember complete asthma history details.

To make the most of their appointments, doctors can use your child's digital history to adjust asthma action plans and monitor the effectiveness of prescribed medications.

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