Breathe Easier
with Aluna.

A doctor-approved health platform to help you and your
child track asthma symptoms anytime, anywhere.

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How Aluna Works

Aluna is a portable spirometry test device
paired with an interactive iPhone game kids
will love.

When used regularly, Aluna can:

  • Help kids develop autonomy over their health while having fun at the same time
  • Help kids and parents monitor medication and treatment
  • Provide real-time data you can easily share with your doctor
  • Provide parents and doctors with insights into asthma event triggers

What Parents & Kids
Love About Aluna

Aluna aims to help kids take control of their health each and every day - because when your kiddo breathes easier, you can too.

“My daughter had been missing about a month of school each year; since starting Aluna, we have cut that down to about a week! With the help of the Aluna device, we are catching her asthma early which has made a huge difference in her life.”

- Monica Gupta Mehta, Mom

“Aluna helped me understand how important it is to take my medicine”

- Nasia, 12 Year Old

"As a parent we want the best for our child. We want them to be healthy and to succeed and to be self-sufficient. Aluna has taught her how to take care of her asthma in a fun way."

- April Fong Ortega, Mom

Designed By Experts
Who’ve Been There

Aluna was co-founded by three asthmatic University of California, Berkeley graduates. They’ve teamed up with top Pediatric Pulmonary experts at the University of California, San Francisco and the University of Vermont to develop a respiratory platform that is beneficial to parents, kids and their doctors.

We believe that better data means a better world. Aluna aims to
combine the very best of medical science with technological
breakthroughs so that parents and kids can breathe a little easier -
anytime, anywhere.